Visit to the Saint-Yves Educational and Pedagogical Therapeutic Institute (l’Institut Thérapeutique Educatif et Pédagogique - ITEP), to its learning centre and to the premises of the future Luynes facility ; meeting with the management team and the board of governors, on the 25th and 26th March, 2014. Seven directors met at one of the association’s southern division establishments.
After several years of restructuring, the Saint-Yves institute is now beginning a new chapter in its history. The centre, which is home to 29 children as full time boarders, 6 as part time boarders, and 12 as part of the SESSAD service (Special Education and Care in the Home), has now been fully renovated.
Fresh paint and new furniture have transformed the three living areas, the medical team’s consulting rooms (child psychiatrist, psychologists, psychomotor therapist, nurse) and the classrooms. The staff now have a place where they can deliver a full service, based on the interdisciplinary and transversal guiding principles. Educational, therapeutic and pedagogical methods are combined to restore the potential of the children and support their development, while helping them to reestablish links with their surroundings and to reintegrate socially.
In order to go even further, and to respond to the second priority of helping to keep young people within mainstream centres and closer to their families, Saint-Yves is preparing to open a new branch at Luynes. In contrast to the main institutions, which are rather isolated, and set in spacious parkland with ponies for the equine therapy workshops, the new building is situated close to the town centre. The managers, director general, and the director of the institute, accompanied by his team of qualified staff, have discussed the future organization of this centre, which will provide live-in accommodation for 8 new children, as well as a day centre for a further child, and above all, the premises will facilitate the work of SESSAD, when part of its activity is transferred there.
After a long period of work, the new facility is set to open in just a few weeks time. And already, in keeping with the primary objective of the association to adapt to the needs of the local area, the local directors are reflecting on the new avenues for development of ITEP in the years to come.