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The Saint Yves Therapeutic Institute for Education and Pedagogy (TIEP) provides support to children with serious psychological problems, especially behavioural disorders, which gravely undermine their socialisation, and their access to education.

The centre is authorised to accommodate 64 children and young teenagers, in its general educational mission.
Care is given in three different and complementary ways, providing a wider range of options. It depends on the age range of the child (6-14 years) and on the level and nature of their difficulties. The first is residential care (at the moment there are 53 places). Secondly, supporting this there is ICSES (which since 2007 has had 5 places for boys and girls) and there is also a non-residential option (6 places for boys and girls)
The young people are admitted according to the area in which they live, above all around Aix-en-Provence and l’Etang de Berre.
The care given by the centre is comprehensive rather than segmented.
The activities of the Saint Yves Institute are based on its strong identity, with :
• A therapy service (made up of a psychiatrist, psychologists, a speech therapist, a psychomotrician, a paediatrician and a nurse) which specialises in supporting children with psychological and personality difficulties. A therapeutic approach and a progressive transformation, take into account the child’s possible fear of learning.
• A Teaching Unit (in cooperation with the State Education System) which is structured around reconciliation with school : individualised, adapted pedagogical systems which lead to a return to school, or enable children to stay at an ordinary school.
• An educational service within the living spaces of the facility, or in the child’s normal environment, which aims to establish boundaries and certainties, as well as encouraging experimenting with change. It is based on an attentive relationship of support within everyday life.
• A social service which works with the families, with the aim of helping to solve social and family problems which could be addressed to help the child
• An administrative service which assures the smooth running of the centre
Our fundamental focus is on taking into account the overall situation of each child under our care, in order to encourage and support their integration into school and into ordinary society.
Actions are carried out through :
• Supporting the child’s development with an interdisciplinary approach, encouraging them to become aware of their abilities and their difficulties, and motivating them to become more autonomous.
• Proposals of treatments and re-education
• Maintaining connections with family and social life
• Integration into the various domains of the child’s life, notably in terms of teaching and education. Preparation for/staying in school or other ordinary/specialised educational structures is favoured.
• Follow-up supervision once the child has left the centre, for a defined and renewable period, which is limited to three years.
• Participation in preventative actions, identifying behavioural problems and looking for suitable solutions
…using indispensable tools :
• The combination of therapy, education and pedagogy, in partnership with teams from various sectors (Child psychiatry, State Education, Aide Sociale à l’Enfance, Child Protection etc.)
• The framework of a personal support plan, adapted to the development of each person
• Practical tools : a welcome booklet, an interdisciplinary progress report given to the family each year, a personal support plan in the accommodation contract and in the regular contract renewals (at least once a year), a referent for each child.
These missions are fulfilled with the aim of re-establishing or developing the child’s and the parents’ potential, and their positions as actors and decision makers in the care process.
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- Director : Yannick MOREDDU