April 2014
In the news

Two news stories recently covered by the media (in Lodève and Narbonne) cannot possibly leave us indifferent. Their extreme severity and the thoughtlessness that appears to have been shown by the culprits, who were all young minors, is shocking.
Beyond inacceptable and justly condemnable events, these two recent events were exceptional in their severity. They are evidence once again of a minority of teenagers whose thought processes and behaviour elude us.
So what should be said about such acts, if we try to comprehend without excusing these teenagers ?
Teenagers with neither faith nor law ? Not necessarily !
Teenagers taking refuge in imaginary social worlds where reality is just the obsolete scenario of gender confusions, or even deep wounds that have never healed but that must be exorcised at all cost since they are so painful to bear ?
Very fortunately, these recent events are marginal, but the behavior displayed remains extremely concerning. Some of these young people are swept away increasingly often into a virtual world, poorly mastered by some of them. Unquestionably, at a time when communication is ever present, isolation from interpersonal relations has never had such serious consequences.
A family environment where nobody listens, where the computer replaces the conviviality of exchanges, and the subtle companionship of the teenager is abandoned for fear of conflict, can take over to an exceptional and irreparable degree.
There is no doubt that our educational mission is particularly complex, but these two recent events should remind us, if there were any need, that the teenagers that are entrusted to us should constantly be the object of our attention : to grasp the joys and the laughter ; but also the doubts, the trials and errors, the fears, so that they will not, in the long run, drift towards extremes.
Francis Bouten