On the 13th May, Moissons Nouvelles held its Annual General Meeting in its new Paris premises. Before the meeting, the association’s different management teams got together to discuss the operational prospects of the regional poles, and their respective centres, with a time frame of three years.
What tomorrow will bring ?
The external evaluation of all of the Moissons Nouvelles centres has been completed, and a general summary is in the process of being written, so this meeting provided an opportunity to look at our future in the short term. And we can look at our future with some assurance, as the results of the evaluation confirmed the high quality of our establishments. But at the same time, the landscape of our sector is changing rapidly, so the need to stay proactive is great.
There are four main areas to be worked on
• Anticipating and dealing with the changes in management, as several retirements are on the horizon.
• Contributing to the general development of the care provision, which requires more diversity and versatility, through innovating, transforming and even experimenting with new services (opening of the SESSAD – special education and home care service – and the SERAD – service for educational reinforcement at home, to expand non-residential care ; creating vocational training workshops within the centres in order to guarantee qualifications for all the young people ; personalized accompaniment for those returning to their family or beginning adult life, etc.)
• Expanding collaborations in the local area, with our various partners in the sector
• Continuing to develop cultural and artistic practices within the facilities and care provision, because this is a policy which the association prioritises.
Evaluation of the past year
The statuary Annual General Meeting was the opportunity to approve the President’s report, the annual activity report, the financial report, the auditor’s report, and the orientation report.

(The summarised annual report will soon be available on the website).

The contracts of four directors have been renewed ; Marlène Carreira, Michel Haas, René Pasquier and Jérôme Prache, and a new director, Corinne Martorello, was also appointed.

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