The Directors visited the Papotières therapeutic, educational and pedagogic institutes (Instituts Théraputiques Éducatifs et Pédagogiques, or ITEP) in Nantes and Treillères, and met with the new division director and the centres’ management teams, and the board of directors. 14 and 15 October 2014 the trustees went to the association’s western division.
They noted that the institute in Nantes institutes (Instituts Théraputiques Éducatifs et Pédagogiques, or ITEP) that accommodates young people aged 14 to 20 years old, continues its transformation in response to its primary objective to offer more pre-vocational training. The trustees were introduced to the new organic gardening activity, the renovated premises for the education unit, as well as the new building for workshops that will open soon. The gardening workshop complements six other pre-vocational workshops (engineering ; painting ; masonry ; community technical maintenance ; park and garden maintenance ; kitchen and catering). While they will be able to invest in new purpose-built premises, the recent gardening project provides an opportunity to reflect on the creation of a training restaurant that should open its doors in 2015. Young people will therefore have access to the complete professional process from producer to consumer, while the establishment will gain visibility and legitimacy by opening to the public. Within this framework, the pre-vocational service is working to strengthen its collaboration with the education service that is also located in the renovated premises. The education service organises adapted educational pathways, as far as possible within local state schools, and supplemented by five residential classes at the institute (Instituts Théraputiques Éducatifs et Pédagogiques, or ITEP). Throughout their sunny day’s visit on 14 October, the trustees observed the progress of the establishment’s projects chatting with the teams at work and tasting delicious tomatoes and strawberries freshly picked along the way.
The next day, with less inviting weather, they visited the Treillières Institute (Instituts Théraputiques Éducatifs et Pédagogiques, or ITEP) that accommodates children aged 6 to 14 years old. Installed in 18th century buildings that are beautiful but not always ideally adapted, the facilities’ long cycle of renovation work is complete. The therapeutic service, waiting for on delivery of furniture, has already taken up its new premises. The management and heads of service presented their school project, which structures the resident’s life into five ‘circles’ replacing the old life groups. Each of the circles link up relevant staff from different services (i.e. pedagogic, educational and therapeutic) with a group of children, in order to promote the interdisciplinary approach necessary for efficient care. As usual, these field visits were the opportunity for long conversations between professionals in therapeutic and educational support. It allows them to effectively evaluate the local situations and anticipate the future. Faithful to their policy of on-site meetings, in 2015 the board expects to visit establishments in the East (March), Centre (June), and South (October).