Châteauroux / Supported Housing

Châteauroux Supported Housing (Indre) was created in 1971 by the Moissons Nouvelles association. It provides accommodation for teenagers who have been given a placement for educational (Aide Sociale à l’Enfance) or legal reasons (order given by the Judge with reference to article 375 of the penal code, or to the order of the 2nd February 1945)

Initially designed for 25 young people, the centre has reduced its number of residents (to 18 since 1990). It has also diversified its provision of accommodation : 12 residents continue to live on site, whereas 6 others who have gradually proven their autonomy and independence, are offered supported individual studio accommodation.

The teenagers who live on site are also divided between two living spaces, which include different relaxation, leisure and eating areas.
1. The on-site housing
Throughout the year, the young people benefit from a secure and supportive environment. They may be returning to school, signing up for a training scheme, going on an apprenticeship and so on. These situations encourage the social inclusion we are all entitled to, but the centre takes into account their difficulties. Meetings with parents take place regularly, in order to encourage them to take part as much as possible in their child’s progress.
2. Individual accommodation
Those in individual apartments are for the most part undertaking professional projects, notably through apprenticeships. The teams provide them with constant support, to ensure that each young person has a stable and solid direction.
3. Personalised psychological and family support
Each young person is accompanied and supported from a psychological point of view, so they can gain understanding and perspective with regard to their personal and family issues.
Foyer des Jeunes de Châteauroux
14 rue de l’Indre
36000 Châteauroux Cedex
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- Director of Facilities for the Indre Department : Chantal BLANC