Another year goes by…

There’s no doubt that for associations like ours, 2012 will have been a year marked by the depth of the financial crisis and a worrying increase in poverty. More and more of our citizens have been pushed to the sidelines of a society which, apart from the action of volunteers, seems to have given up on them.
Despite that, if we look more closely, there exist here and there numerous initiatives created out of personal or collective engagements which refuse to see our society broken apart on the altar of a model of economic and social development so harmful to so many of us.
These initiatives, little as the might me, are also what gives a democracy its strength : in other words, the capacity of civil society to participate in social usefulness. Wherever these innovative experiences of society are born, the fractures of society heal.
We are all potential contributors to the pact of social cohesion. Associations like ours are, by their very nature, deliberate and attentive initial creators of this. We are the well-known intermediary bodies without which democracy would be nothing but a word !
So, was 2012 a morose year in terms of the economy ?
Sure, but also an illustration that the will to act remains the strongest rampart against fatalism and discouragement. Beyond the undeniable difficulties we will encounter, we shall forge our way with resolution into 2013 : initiative and creativity will be our road map...
Le Président Francis BOUTEN