The Euro, the national debt, social issues… and presidential elections.

Not a day goes by without a mention of the Eurozone crisis in the media.
Undoubtedly, sovereign debt and the austerity plans spreading across Europe, will play a decisive part in the presidential debates, leaving many other social issues in the background.
It would be naïve to imagine that any issue but the economy would take precedence in the upcoming election, with nothing more than lip service paid to social cohesion as a result.
And it is true that the fluctuations of the CAC 40 index seem a million miles away from the queues of vulnerable people at the doors of charitable organisations.
But the alarming fact remains that a growing proportion of the population is sliding into poverty and insecurity, in a country where republican principles of solidarity will be undermined if action is not taken in the very near future. The alternative is the risk of extremism, and isolationist withdrawal.
But we must not be fatalist and resign ourselves to these challenging times. On the contrary, it is time to act !
We all understand the goal of our current leaders to bring this national debt under control. But it must be achieved through economic and social reforms where the main objective is to dismantle social inequalities in the long term.
Associations like ours have an indispensable mission to carry out during the presidential debates : we have the power and the obligation to question the candidates on how they intend to involve us in the development of a new pact for social cohesion, which goes beyond simple economics.
Moissons Nouvelles intends to play a leading role !
Le Président
Francis BOUTEN