Confusion of Genders…

Rumours can create such a ground swell that they engulf everything in their path ; reason and sound judgement often being the first victims.
In this respect, the current media frenzy surrounding gender theory (which isn’t really a theory at all), is in many ways the symptom of a society in search of a grand national narrative that is currently lacking ; a narrative which would cover all the diversity of our country.
Whether certain individuals like it or not, gender theory has nothing in common with the difference between the sexes. To lump sex and gender together like this, either stems from unwitting confusion due to a lack of understanding, or from deliberate and highly questionable motives.
The equality of men and women must be the principal foundation of any modern and enlightened society. Nothing should detract from it, and everything should be done from the youngest possible age, to make it a meaningful reality.
Here’s hoping all those who denigrate this fundamental principle will eventually come to their senses. Our society can only benefit as a result !
The President
Francis Bouten