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The Moissons Nouvelles Fréjus Children’s Home, otherwise known as "Les Bougainvilliers", accommodates 15 boys and girls from 6-18 years old, with difficulties in family and school life. There is boarding accommodation and one studio.

The centre prioritises children from La Dracénie and Fréjus.

The mission of the centre is to take in girls and boys aged 6-18, for their own protection. This mission takes place within an environment where trust and respect enable them to LIVE, GROW and then LEAVE…
Almost all of the young people at the centre are school age (primary, middle, high school and college). Regular supervision of school work is one of the strengths of the educational aspect of the centre. During leisure time (Wednesday afternoons) and holidays, the children are signed up to the sports clubs, outdoor centres or cultural clubs of their choice.
The care given in the centre consists of :
• Meeting basic needs
• Helping and advising the young people with the routines and circumstances of daily life
• Providing the children with every possible means to develop
• Emphasising connections with and the place of family
Our Children’s Home is a local one. It works with other local institutions, and develops a network of partners in the community, which helps the young people integrate as naturally as possible into society.
Maison d’enfants à caractère social « Les Bougainvilliers »
159 avenue du Général Calliès
83600 Fréjus
Tel : 04 94 53 90 72
Fax : 04 94 51 14 63
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- Division Director : Rémi BILLAULT
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- Head of Department : Madame Laurence PLOTON
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