moissons nouvelles / history

Moissons Nouvelles was created in Algeria in 1942, following in the footsteps of the Jeunesse Ouvrière Chrétienne. The association moved to France in 1962, and continues to develop its actions in France to this day.

The first establishment run by Moissons Nouvelles was the Boulay Educational and Professional Centre in Moselle. Further centres were created between 1965 and 1970.

Several professionals and well known names in the world of education, economics and research, participated in and supported the development of Moissons Nouvelles in Algeria and France.
Professionalisation was gradually installed alongside the commitment and willingness to help. A lengthy training and qualification drive took place and continues to take place within the association. Moissons Nouvelles is now recognised for its savoir-faire across the social sector.
Over the years, the association has opened up to work with a range social groups, thereby broadening its field of expertise. It now covers child protection, medical social work and adult social integration.