An important year for the association…

2012 marks a milestone in the history of our association. This January, work begins on the Paris Children’s Home (MECS de Paris), which should be completed by the summer of 2013.
Two years of major works have been made possible by fruitful collaborations between the County Council (Conseil Général) and the City of Paris. They deserve our congratulation for their successes.
We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to all of those who have contributed months of their time to the painstaking preparations which have helped us reach this point.
2012 will also be a year of new projects in the various Moissons Nouvelles divisions and centres, which illustrates the unfailing commitment and dynamism of the volunteers, professionals and directors involved. This community of men and women contributes on a daily basis to the quality of services provided to vulnerable people.
Unquestionably, this year also signifies a time of economic austerity, which will impose yet more difficult budgetary choices on the association. Despite this, we endeavour to find a balanced position, which enables us to continue with our essential social functions.
In recent years, our association has been undertaking rigorous structural reforms, and we are reaping the benefits of this hard work today.
The path towards a just and cohesive society is sometimes challenging, but always fascinating, and we have no intention of turning away from it now.
A very happy New Year to you all.
Le Président
Francis BOUTEN