A new year unfurls…

2013 has been and gone, along with all its attendant social problems, leaving some of the most insecure members of our society in an even more vulnerable position. In many respects, it was a complicated year for associations and charities, who had to carefully balance continual budget cuts, with the ever-present desire to respond properly to peoples’ needs.
But it was also a year full of innovations, and small daily triumphs. We can all be proud of these contributions, which together can pave the way to success. 2014 is opening out in front of us. As volunteers and professionals, we commit ourselves with determination, to ensuring our actions towards people who have been dealt a bad hand in life, can gradually help them discover and enjoy a new found self esteem.
The months to come will not be without their challenges. Associations know all to well that good intentions are not enough, they must be underpinned by the political will of those in power. But engaging in politics alone is not enough either, as it weakens an association’s indispensable role of questioning in the public sphere. The civil society we represent, in all its diversity and richness, must continue to be what spurs us on to bring about more solidarity and less exclusion in 2014.
We unreservedly commit ourselves to this goal.
A happy new year to you all,
The President
Francis BOUTEN