A New Social Contract.

The French President recently officially set in motion the social conference which aims to place an important emphasis on social dialogue —the most important ingredient of successful compromise between the different social services.
There is no doubt that setting in place a new social model in the institutional framework of relationships between social partners will permit the emergence of a culture of negotiation and compromise. This is an essential notion which has nonetheless been lacking in certain sectors of the French economy, including social action.
In an economic and budgetary context as difficult as that which associations like ours are currently experiencing, the role of union organisations remains essential for responsibly bringing about any desired changes : this is far from their entirely ideological approaches which used to foul up employer/employee relations in days gone by.
The time has therefore come to seize this national political opportunity of setting in motion the start of an efficient social dialogue in order to set out the future of the social and medico-social domains of tomorrow. Projects won’t be lacking : nor will the pitfalls to be overcome. As for us, we shall apply ourselves to them with conviction and pragmatism.
The President
Francis BOUTEN