Adolescence, artistic creation, the value of work...

The National Study Days dedicated to adolescence were a great success. We would like to warmly thank all personnel from the host establishment who allowed us to fully enjoy these meetings under a radiant sky ! The accounts of the Study Days will be published shortly.

The importance of work which for a long time was a mainstay of the education process has, for some time, been struggling against economic difficulties and a re-evaluation of its worth. One of our speakers, the sociologist René Jarry, indicated that, if we take into account all categories of people currently seeking work (including work experience placements), almost a quarter of the active population is without a job today. Some young people have never known their parents to be in work. The probability of encountering long periods without work is becoming a reality for many.
Given this context, how can we help to understand the value of work as an educational tool ? One part of the answer has come, in an entirely unexpected way, from the testimonies of actors invited to recount their creative experiences to the young people we support. These people described their stories of artistic creation in the world of the theatre. After an initial rejection, almost out of habit, and the feeling from certain young people that these testimonies were all for show, the actors eventually demonstrated that it was possible to discover new directions, once opinion of them had swayed to view them in a favourable light. The actors described to us how the young people worked hard to ensure that their performance would meet the expectations of professional scrutiny.
The value of the artist in the educational process should not be viewed as a ‘little luxury which we can allow ourselves’. Rather, it offers a very important contribution to the value placed on work, which is an essential part of the construction of the personality of an adolescent.
Moissons Nouvelles has made the performance of acts of creation before an audience one of its major goals. This recent meeting of the association has convinced us to continue to pursue that goal.