The day after…

The National Study Days have just finished and we can congratulate ourselves on their success.
Conceived as a privileged opportunity for encounters between professionals, they assuredly fulfilled their purpose which was to permit each of us to take the time for a welcome breath of fresh air in the midst of our increasingly burdensome day-to-days. The study days were as much an affirmation of the good will of the association to carry off a project of social utility, in which terms such as cooperation and openness to the other are more than just empty words.
Certainly, engaging in cooperation and teamwork reveals as much a determined will as a keen understanding of the stake wagered. This implies that each of us, with shared ambition, engages in the cares of the “uncertain traveller*” who is the young person we welcome.
This is a great formula, since it expresses as much the difficult paths to be trodden by the people we accompany daily, as the doubts and uncertainties of the professionals whom it’s our eminent responsibility to lead towards success. Cooperation between professionals regarding social utility means accepting, in a certain manner, that the other may take a role in favouring the enrichment of your initial idea. It equally means admitting the primacy of collective interest over personal convenience, but nevertheless without enforcing uniformity to the extent of creating a single thought.
At any rate this is a dynamic movement of multiple initiatives where the inventiveness of everyone contributes step by step (and not without difficulty) to construct a base of common values.
The Moissons Mouvelles Association has made this a professional and societal ambition.
The recent National Study Days will have participated fully in this passionate adventure.
The President
Francis BOUTEN
*expression used by Madame Barus-Michel, professor emeritus at Paris VII University, when taking part in the National Study Days at Evreux