June 2015
On the sheer absurdity of how things stand...

If there’s been one news topic that has been particularly dramatic in recent months, it is the one regarding the lot of those thousands of migrants who are desperately trying to flee from poverty or war for supposedly better horizons. A frantic escape, headlong down treacherous and perilous routes, for poor wretches who see Europe as their sole refuge !
This same Europe is taking great pains to determine a common policy for dealing with this influx of migrants ! A recent study shows that Europe spends considerable amounts on stemming these mass arrivals whilst the human traffickers charge migrants the equivalent. Ultimately, very significant sums are being spent on magnifying an unending vicious circle which could be put to use for a far more positive economy.
Of course, it’s not a case of flinging Europe’s borders wide open. But putting up walls here and there at borders has never resolved any situation whatsoever, other than allowing wealthy countries to delude themselves into thinking they are protecting themselves from those who are different from them – the “different other” - in a relationship founded on mistrust or even rejection.
Beyond all that are the journeys made by men, women and children, whose utter helplessness is pitched against hope of a better future. In any event, these are destinies filled with tragedies that cannot leave us indifferent. Here too, reason must be able to prevail over distrust. It is everyone’s responsibility, not just the politicians’, to strive for this with determination. Associations are devoting considerable energy to this, braving difficulties of every kind. We can only show solidarity with their actions...
And join with them for a more humane society !
The President
Francis Bouten