La Garde / Social Reintegration and Accommodation Centre (srac)

The Moissons Nouvelles Lagarde Social Reintegration and Accommodation Centre takes in 34 women experiencing social difficulties. Accommodation includes studios, single rooms and mobile homes. 6 beds are available for extreme emergencies.

The centre also includes 4 « pre-training » and integration workshops, where women, men and 16-18 year olds in difficulty can learn hospitality and building skills.

The mission is to accommodate and support women in difficulty, so they can re-build a balanced enough lifestyle to regain their social status.
The La Garde centre provides individualised educational and administrative support to the women. This takes shape above all in rigorous planning of the objectives they would like to achieve. An accommodation contract, a set of regulations, and an individualised support contract all provide a reassuring framework for the women in the centre.
The centre promotes curiosity and creativity. The property has a sculpture garden, murals and individual or collective works of art throughout. Cultural activities (painting/music) encourage an openness and willingness to share experiences.
The pre-training and integration workshops are aimed at everyone : men, women and young people from 16-18. They cover 4 areas : cooking, waiting tables, linen care and building techniques.
Centre d’Hébergement et de Réinsertion Sociale
831, Chemin des Plantades
83130 La Garde
Tel : 04 94 21 03 99
Fax : 04 94 08 20 52
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- Division Director : Rémi BILLAULT
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- Head of Department : Catherine SILVY
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