Echoes of a Campaign…

What more can we say about the present time, dominated as it is by presidential elections which yet again revolve around tired clichés about immigration and religion ?

It is almost as if democratic debate, the founding principle of our republican tradition, has to be locked in a narrow, polarized vision of society.

This is a sad state of affairs, given that now more than ever, regardless of generation or ethnic origin, the population of our country needs to come together, as we have in the past. This is a country which knows how to mobilise its population to overcome the many difficulties which have punctuated its long history.

Our establishments and services are a mirror reflecting the wounds of our dislocated society. Despite financial difficulty, we try, with good will and good humour, to help the people we accommodate, to find a new path for themselves, where the hope of a better life goes hand in hand with a new found sense of dignity.

By our very nature, associations are essential intermediary bodies, which ensure that the shared values of the French Republic are put into practice. Recent debates about immigration during this election campaign, are not representative of our values and concerns.

These discussions do not interest us, we will not enter into them ! Instead, lets talk about employment, the fight against poverty and insecurity, peoples’ right to decent housing, and high quality education and training for all.

These are the essential themes which should be at the forefront of this election campaign, alongside an irrepressible desire for change, to prove that the world solidarity still has some meaning.

As more and more people are lining up at the Restaurants du Coeur soup kitchens, this recurrent theme of immigration looks increasingly like a pitiful smokescreen, as if the authorities would have us believe that our founding values no longer concern us as a society.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Associations will continue to act as the guardians of these values.
Moissons Nouvelles will certainly play its part !