March 2014
Young people raising more than questions...

The newspaper Le Monde recently published a major study on the sense of revolt brewing among many of our country’s young people. The article is entitled ‘Young people on the verge of revolt’.
Who could be surprised, when every day we bear witness the dead end that so many young people face. Their futures are all too often synonymous with unemployment, academic failure, and chaotic personal lives. Young people are despairing without the prospect of a better future on the horizon.
But can we just label them a lost generation, when we know that a country cannot develop peacefully and sustainably without achieving genuine social cohesion and fostering enthusiastic and creative youth ? Of course not, the stakes are too high.
Social division, and its accompanying downward spirals, threatens all of us in society. These days, it does not take much for this downward spiral of failure to engulf those who would never have imagined it.
So young people are giving us a powerful reminder that the conditions imposed on them are unacceptable. The injustices and inequalities are glaring. Outraged with despair, they argue that they are citizens who refuse to be cast out from a society whose defining trademark would become exclusion. We urgently need to reject what some would say is an inevitability of our times.
These thousands of young people are an asset to the nation. To sacrifice them definitively would signal the arrival of a society that would inescapably head into decline. We, associations, stakeholders in an inclusive society, must do everything to transform this sense of revolt into a fruitful contribution for our country. There is still time to mobilize. Let’s listen to them !
The President
Francis Bouten
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