This month of May : the National Study Days at Nantes.

The National Study Days, a major event for the association, will take place this 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May. Henceforth an annual event for all Moissons Nouvelles professionals, these study days are dedicated to the theme of ‘the accompaniment of adolescents in social and medico-social establishments’.
This theme is viewed by the association as being at the heart of a set of professional problems, where the looks given to the adolescents in our institutions carry in them all the tensions of a society where both interest and mistrust towards them are mixed in equal measure.
We shall only be able to overcome this ambiguity towards them, which affects many of our establishments, through professional practice wherein the ‘future potential’ of the adolescent prevails over the shortcomings we encounter.
In each case it is important to understand the motivations and doubts of each young person we welcome, in order that the ‘little part of their life’ which they spend in our establishments may be a permanent source of enrichment and creativity.
Adolescents, the mirror-image of our own misgivings, never cease to question us daily, seeking out adults who offer them the attraction of new experiences but also who impose on them the limits beyond which anxiety and abandonment take hold —with all the expressions of violence which you can imagine !
These are the topical questions around which the association has organised these national meetings in partnership with the CREAI of the Pays de Loire and the AIRE.
Open to all professionals from the region, these National Study Days demonstrate the desire of the association to participate actively in the great debates of society, by demonstrating our know-how but also in the spirit of enriching a multitude of experiences for others.
Let’s wish complete success to this event at Nantes ! The adolescents who are entrusted to us will reap the rewards. That’s the most important thing !
The President.