In this sweet month of May…

These gloomy days when the sun seldom shines, it is special occasions in the life of an association such as ours which allow us a breath of fresh air : The National Study Days (Journées d’Etudes nationales), which take place this month, are a case in point.
Centred around the theme of cooperation and teamwork, these coming meetings are always a privileged time of exchanges between professionals, which permit an indispensable collective reflection about the concerns of our sector.
This year the theme of cooperation has been chosen, both addressed to our staff within our establishments and to the different partners who contribute to the quality of the service we offer.
This is a profound conviction for the Moissons Nouvelles association : time for territorial cooperation is henceforth a major principle for the organising of services to the individual, within a renewed vision – one which is complementary and shared between our collaborators.
This is really nothing less than a small Copernican revolution in a sector of activity where historical representations of social action were largely founded on a morass of structural answers lacking a collective understanding of real territory with regard to the people we accommodate.
Cooperation and teamwork – commonplace names which cover a multiplicity of different situations, in which associations such as ours will want to gather together all that which aids the construction of veritable territorial cooperation with regard to our financers who will be particularly attentive to this.
The stake wagered for the future of our sector is the success of models of intervention which are still largely fruitless today, and of which we can imagine that the road to success will be difficult and will demand a political will supported by the councils of the handed-over administration who must be among the convinced professionals.
With determination the association of Moissons Nouvelles is engaged in this, re-forming at its heart that which it ought to be ; opening wide with our different financers the indispensable debates over the evolutions within the sector. This is a step which will certainly bear fruit, even if much remains to be done.
These study days the 28, 29 and 30th of May are a step within this.
Let us wish them all success !
The President
Francis BOUTEN