moissons nouvelles / mission of the association

The Moissons Nouvelles association provides care for socially excluded children and young people in its 20 centres across France.

The various centres offer different services according to the needs of the young people involved.

It fulfils an essential public service role by :
• Carrying out legal and regulatory measures based on child protection and social exclusion policies, and within the field of medical social care. (Laws of 2nd January 2002 and 11th February 2005).
Its mission is to provide protection, social inclusion and empowerment for the young people through :
• Individual support and guidance, for adults and young people who are socially vulnerable. As well as personal and social education, general schooling and professional training, the partnership and the network act as one coherent entity which ensures the quality of the services provided.
In this spirit, Moissons Nouvelles creates, manages and coordinates each centre and service, with the aim of educating, training, integrating and developing or restoring the social abilities of the young people placed under its care by the relevant authorities.
Each centre is run by teams of professionals whose skills and knowledge are permanently updated, developed, widened and enriched. A dynamic of innovation, shared professional experiences and coherence of practise, are strong founding principles of our project.