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The Moissons Nouvelles Therapeutic Institute for Education and Pedagogy, at 56 rue de la Papotière 44300 NANTES, takes in boys and girls from the age of 14 to 20, as residents or non residents. These young people have behavioural and / or personality disorders which are seriously detrimental to their education and socialisation.

The centre has 48 resident places (boys only) and 18 semi-resident places (boys and girls)

An In-home Care and Specialised Education Service will be in place as of January, which will provide support and supervision for 10 teenagers. They will be integrated into appropriate education and training systems.
The orientation of each young person is determined by the Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées, and each admission takes place after careful study of their dossiers by a multidisciplinary team dedicated to this task.
The centre is located within a 13 hectare property on the eastern edge of Nantes (Loire Atlantique, 44), which belongs to the Moissons Nouvelles association. It is covered by the urban public transport network.
The purpose of the institute is to provide education, training and care, with the future goal of achieving social and professional integration for each adolescent.
This goal involves putting into place Personal Support Plans. These plans determine the support and training each user will receive, and are based on Educational and Pedagogical aims, and reinforced by the Therapeutic aspect.
The combination of these three functions enables holistic care plans, which are essential to bringing out the abilities of each young person.
Qualified professionals use their expertise to fulfil the mission of the centre, by :
• Defining a care plan for each user ;
• Motivating young people to explore their interests and abilities, in the education and professional training given ;
• Providing professional training which is relevant to each young person’s future goals
• Constant development of the Personal Support Plans, which progressively bring in socio-professional integration ;
• Taking into account the difficulties and abilities of each teenager, through interdisciplinary support.
Each user is accompanied on their individual path by a project coordinator, who will supervise them throughout their stay in the centre.
The direction of each young person is defined according to five phases of development, over a period of 3-5 years : adaptation, consolidation, maturation, pre-integration, and integration.
The final step is building a social and professional integration plan, using three types of internship : work experience to discover the world of employment ; professional orientation internship, and a validation internship, which will confirm the planned career path.
These various objectives are met with the help of teams of experts, composed as follows :
• An educational department made up of specialised teachers, education supervisors, and night supervisors, which advise and support the young people in four different spaces within the centre ;
• A pre-professional department made up of 6 workshops, and run by workshop supervisors ;
• A schooling unit with 5 teachers ;
• An integration department, run by a social worker and an integration officer ;
• A therapeutic department, made up of a psychiatrist, a general practitioner, two psychologists, a speech therapist and a nurse ; A logistics team takes care of the buildings, the catering and the accommodation.
ITEP La Papotière Moissons Nouvelles
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BP 86601
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Tel : 02 40 49 25 38
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- Director of Facilities for the Loire-Atlantique department : Guy HEBEL