The Roses of Jericho

Young people from our care home in Woippy have just been shortlisted in the “Créajeunes” video festival, for their animation about adolescent addictions, in association with the Department of judicial protection for young people (DPJJ).

Only 30 productions were chosen out of 160 contributions from Belgium, Sarre and Lorraine. So congratulations to them, and to the adults who supported them !
Their short film is named The Roses of Jericho, after a plant which is known to come alive again after long periods of drought.
This achievement deserves to be celebrated, and it proves that the young people in our care can truly let their talents shine if they are given the opportunity.
These young people are also giving us a good life lesson. They express through a little character made of clay, all the difficulty of not falling into a downward spiral of failure, and all the energy that is needed to make yourself a success !
It is a great reminder that change can come, even when a situation seems inescapable, and that everything should be put in place for the young people in our care to benefit as much as possible from our support.
Contrary to certain received ideas, it is not the addictions which create the talent, even if they sometimes intensify it. The film produced by these young people, enables them to take a step back and gain some perspective on the issue, and may even help prevent other young people from becoming addicted.
The path to success, however modest, is worth pursuing constantly, with perseverance.
Associations provide this constant challenge to innovate, which is yet another reason to get involved !
The President
Francis BOUTEN