Enough is enough !

What can you say about the state of our society when you gauge it by the despicable attacks made on our Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira ?
It may be tempting to think they are an isolated incident ; the fruit of a few twisted individuals looking for any publicity they can get. But the malaise runs deeper than that. This malaise often takes root in times of social and economic desperation, as our history has proven many times over.
Today, too many of our fellow citizens are stuck in a dead end, where they look into the future and see nothing but unemployment and uncertainty. Some take advantage of this situation to provide easy answers. They point the finger at anyone who is different from them, and blame these “others” for all society’s woes. This is a shameful process, and must be fought against relentlessly.
As demanding watchpersons of social cohesion, associations like ours have a major role to play in this maelstrom, whose current undertones are absolutely nauseating. Racism is intolerable, and it can never be justified.
Let’s not forget that fact !
Respect for difference is a fundamental asset for a nation. It is the result of social progress and a society at peace with itself. It will take more than a few lost souls to divert us from the most important value in any society, which is living together.
Whether they like it or not, we will fight against them as much as we need to. They should be punished severely for their miserable actions.
The rules of a democracy, the founding values of our Republican Pact, cannot be stretched when it comes to the principle of equality between our citizens.
We have made these principles our own. Without question !
The President
Francis BOUTEN