November 2014
Modernising social dialogue

In a recent interview aired on national radio, Nicole Notat (a former national secretary for a trade union, now a business leader), emphasized the importance of modernizing social dialogue. To do this, it is important to consider business as a space for positive compromise between different stakeholders, and put aside ideology. It is an interesting concept, demanding that organisations thoroughly review their traditional relationships in the context of efficiency and pragmatism. This is a revolution in itself, beyond this individual’s remarks, leading to scrutiny of relations between the current social partners in our sector, to mention just our primary concern.
Indisputably, our country’s culture is not being compromised and this would often have been behind many past obstacles for which our sector is now suffering the consequences. Our sector’s organizations have no other choice than to evolve, in order to better meet our social objective in the context of obligations from which we can no longer be exempt.
In an environment where there is a significant increase in uncertainties, modern social dialogue is a priority whereby each stakeholder should be above all interested in a win-win relationship. It’s a difficult art, which requires everyone to resist retreating back into timid conservatism in the name of ‘modern’ ideologies harking from the past.
Moissons Nouvelles has chosen to firmly commit to positive compromise, rejecting any dogmatic vision, and inventing new approaches for cooperation between social partners. Whatever difficulties we encounter we won’t give up our desire to modernise social dialogue. It is essential for success going forward into the future.
The President Francis Bouten