October 2014
An invigorating atmosphere over three days !

All those who took part in the recent National Study Days, praised them as a total success. Organised around the theme of “culture in all its forms”, these study days created a remarkable platform of openness to diversity and all forms of creativity. It was such a pleasure to embark down these different paths and to be swept away by the magic of storytellers, the beauty of a song during a round table, the splendour of the national youth choir, and the commitment of the speakers.
So many gems sparkled amongst fascinating and serious topics such as those of tolerance and knowledge of unknown shores !
At a time when so many peoples are being torn apart in bloody conflicts, it is sometimes the gaps that let little lights shine through, which remind us that our ambition of a more unified society should never be extinguished. The association’s latest study days could not have shined more brightly.
The President
Francis Bouten