October 2015

During a recent trip to the EASTERN centre by the Moissons Nouvelles Board of Trustees we visited a facility that receives children aged between 3 and 6 years old. It was an emotional moment as most of them were from the ASE [Child Welfare System] children’s home, and the majority of them cannot return to their family, with only supervised visits allowed.
How did it come to this ?
The path that led here is specific to each parent, but the children are always the victims of these situations.
How can that be avoided ?
Guidance and support for future parenting, well in advance, namely before the birth of a child, would help to provide a framework - a strong relationship, housing, a job, official documents, various benefits - and a proper awareness of parental responsibility, without which the future for the child-to-be will already be compromised.
I invite the politicians and authorities to put suitable systems in place so that child protection does not come down to a corrective system and that prevention is taken into account so as to avoid such young children starting out on a long series of placements, no matter how effective they may be.
The President
Francis BOUTEN