moissons nouvelles / history

The association is presided over by a Board made up of fifteen volunteers. Its president is Francis Bouten, Association Director.

Within the structures of the association, teams of professionals - comprising around 800 salaried staff, of which 6 are at the Head Office - take responsibility for people who are placed under their care by various government organisations. This adds up to around 1000 children, adolescents, young adults and families in difficulty.

The Board of Directors, based in Paris, is structured as follows :

- Mrs. Martine RENAULT
Director General

- Mr. Dominique de GUIBERT
Director of Administration and Finance

- Mrs. Corinne THIOLLET
Human Resources Manager

- Mrs. Anne Gaëlle Le GUILLOU (Lawyer)
Legal Service

- Mr. Joane STOJILKOVIC (Controller)
Economic control

- Mrs. Elodie ALVES
Responsible for Human Resources and Communications

- Mrs. Isabel LOZANO
- Mrs. Carla KERVELLA
Reception / Support Management
The association manages a budget of almost €35 million. Employers contributions through the State and the Departmental Councils are exclusively public.