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Special Needs Family Centre (CAFS) for learning difficulties, disability or behavioural issues (ITEP/ IME)

Admission of a young person to the Special Needs Family Centre (or CAFS) is decided by the director after parental agreement and notification from the Regional Authority for Disabled Persons (la Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées, or M.D.P.H). This support is financed through social security.

Beyond daily support, this involves setting up mediation spaces between the biological family and foster family to allow for essential development and re-development, which are critical to the child’s growth, whilst permanently working on the notion of family bonds.

Foster families ensure daily support at home.

They take care of the child, they provide structure and points of reference in their lives, and they are involved in implementing the overall support plan, which includes education and care.

A care worker (éducateur d’accompagnement) plays the role of mediator and helps the child to progress throughout his or her placement from beginning to end. The care worker regularly meets with the foster family, parents, teachers, and those responsible for the child’s care.
Other support arrangements can also be envisaged, such as short-term foster families and holiday or activity centres, so that families can take a break from an often emotionally charged daily life.
Educational integration is a priority area for action. Education and training is usually provided within mainstream state education in either regular or special needs classes.
Since 2010 the Family Centre (Centre d’Accueil Familial) is authorized to accommodate struggling young people within its special needs (IME) provision.
Capacity : 21 places in the Therapeutic, Educational and Pedagogic Institutes (Instituts Théraputiques Éducatifs et Pédagogiques, or ITEP), 16 places in the Medico-Educational Institutes (Institut Médico-Éducatifs or IME)
Special Needs Family Centre (Centre d’Accueil Familial Spécialisé, or CAFS)
21 rue Notre Dame
Tel : 02 54 27 63 87
Fax : 02 54 61 20 79
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- Director of Facilities for the Indre Department : Madame Chantal BLANC