Pellevoisin / Therapeutic Institute for Education and Pedagogy (TIEP)

The Pellevoisin Therapeutic Institute for Education and Pedagogy (TIEP) is a social and medical establishment. It provides re-education, schooling, social integration and care, to young people who have serious difficulties adapting to school and social life.

The total capacity of the centre is fixed at 80 places. They are for young people aged 6 to 18 years, who have behavioural or personality problems.

The places are divided as follows :
• The Châteauroux Specialised Family Support Centre : 35 places
• TIEP residency (at Pellevoisin and Buzançais) : 35 places
• Semi-residency, consecutively or in separate modules : 10 places
Admission of the young person to TIEP is decided on by the director, after receiving parental accord and confirmation from the Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées (M.D.P.H). Funding for the place is covered by Social Security.
TIEP provides boys and girls between 6 and 18 years old, with appropriate schooling, professional training, and the necessary educational and therapeutic support to enable their social integration.
This also involves appropriate care and treatment, which may include psychomotricity, psychotherapy, speech therapy, psychological support and medical supervision. The aim is also to help families who need support during difficult or sensitive times with their children.
The mission of the Specialised Family Support Centre is based on legal and regulatory texts, notably article D.312-41 of the Family and Social Action Code. This mission consists of providing a family environment and support network for people, in addition to those they may have in their own social circles.
This environment, which is created by the Specialised Family Support Centre, responds to specific educational, pedagogical and social needs, as well as providing medical and psychological care. The SFSC also gives help and advice to the families of the children concerned.
Institut Thérapeutique Éducatif et Pédagogique
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Centre d’Accueil Familial Spécialisé
108 rue Combanaire
36000 Châteauroux
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- Director of Facilities for the Indre Department : Chantal BLANC