rémilly / Childrens Home

Twenty kilometres from Metz, the Centre at Rémilly accommodates 85 boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 14. Some have social problems, others are having trouble with learning at school, and they are all cared for in different ways (through residency, daytime attendance, and at other facilities within the village)

The children can be schooled at the centre (which functions under the state education system) or in regular public establishments.

The mission of the centre, which is currently being re-structured according to agreements on targets and resources, is based on two main strengths :
• Given the issues most children are dealing with, the spaces in the centre have been made welcoming and reassuring, providing the opportunity not only learn basic skills, but also to talk about the traumas of their family lives, through therapy. Educational support is therefore highly personalised, and significant psychological care is combined with efforts to help the parents.
• The in-house school is dedicated to learning basic skills. It takes part fully in the overall mission of the centre, and prepares the children for life in an ordinary school. Important partnerships have been built with schools in the surrounding area.
Again, the principle of institutional coherence determines the quality and the relevance of the support the children are given.
Centre d’Éducation Spécialisé
Legal authorisation under the French Child Welfare Policy (boys from 3 to 14 years) for 85 places.
Rue Roger François BP 9 57580 Rémilly Tél : 03 87 64 61 14 Fax : 03 87 64 67 32 Email : accueil.remilly@moissons-nouvelless.asso.fr

- Director Moselle Department Division : Catherine DEBS
- Assistant Director of the Rémilly TIEP/CH : Marie-Paule SARTORIO