Saint Avold-Folschviller / Children’s Home
Situated on the coalfield, the « Pays de Nabor » Children’s Home is authorised by law, and subsidised by the child welfare service (Aide Sociale à l’Enfance). The centre welcomes 18 young people between 13 and 18 years old, and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Saint Avold has 10 places. Folschviller has 8 places.

The home provides a warm, welcoming, and structured environment, where each young person can develop as a person, and lay the foundations for their future.
It is divided into two traditional homes, within the residential areas of Saint Avold and Folschviller. This enables the young people to live as part of a collective, whilst building one to one relationships and integrating into the local community.
The openness of the centre has given rise to numerous partnerships ; with schools, colleges and business owners, to ensure the best possible education and professional training ; with the CPAM health centre and the adolescent care home for the health of the young people ; and with cultural associations and municipal sports services, to encourage the development of social relations and the discovery of new cultural and sporting activities.
A plan is established with each young person, alongside his or her legal guardians and partners. It covers their autonomy, their personal issues, and above all their education and training. Regular meetings are organised with the guardians and partners, in order to bring the plan to life throughout the young person’s stay at the centre.
La maison de Saint Avold
8 rue Houle
57500 Saint-Avold
Tel/Fax : 03 87 82 54 83
Email :
La maison de Folschviller
1 avenue Foch
57730 Folschviller
Tel/Fax : 03 87 04 68 77
Email :

- Director of the Moselle Department Division : Mme Catherine DEBS
- Deputy Director : Mme Marie-Pierre GRANDIDIER
- Head of Educational Services : Mr Marc CHARLIER