Saint Avold-Folschviller / Children’s Home
Moselle Council has authorised the service for educational reinforcement at home (Le Service Educatif Renforcé à Domicile, or SERAD) “Moselle East” with 25 measures under child protection law, for the placement of children, teenagers and young adults, girls or boys, aged 3 to 18 years old.
The SERAD instrument can be administrated via a contract passed between the Moselle Department child protection and welfare service (Protection de l’Enfance par l’Aide Sociale à l’Enfance, or ASE) and the legal guardians, or lawyers, directed by a Children’s Judge who entrusts the monitoring of the measure to the responsible service, the ASE.
This is generally an alternative option to the so-called ‘classic’ placement, and its intervention is designed as an instrument of parental support. In practice, a placement without provision of accommodation effectively requires the intensive presence of professionals in the family home.
Moselle East’s SERAD should be able to intervene within a radius of 30 km and/or within a journey time of 30 minutes around the town of Saint Avold. In order to achieve this, it is located right in the heart of the town centre.
SERAD’s intervention is formalised through a Child’s Plan (Project Pour L’Enfant, or PPE) that establishes the issues and the key areas of work and a Support Document (Document de Prise en Charge, or DIPC) that defines its operational objectives for in-home interventions.
The frequency of home visits is 3 to 6 per week ; these can be reduced or increased according to progress reviews, any developments and continual readjustment of the Child’s Plan (PPE).
These interventions are designed to bring out and / or draw on parents’ potential so they can continue with their parenting without requiring any separation. Nevertheless, by the very nature of its mission, SERAD may - in the case of ‘emergencies’ assessed as ‘short-term’ - consider that a temporary separation is necessary.
Also, SERAD (with the approval of the child protection and welfare service, ASE) can be brought in for this type of exceptional arrangement to direct the child, teenager or young adult towards one of Moissons Nouvelles’ children’s homes (Maison d’Enfants à Caractère Social, or MECS) which it is authorised to use (MECS Rémilly, ‘Pays de Nabor’, and ‘Maison Viotti). It is able to promptly respond to tense or even dangerous situations.
Work with the surrounding community is also conducted with ASE to identify professionals who could possibly support a Child’s Plan (PPE).
More generally speaking, legal rights and entitlements can be called upon so that parents and children can grasp them, get on board, and participate in the life of the city.
‘Moselle East’ SERAD
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- Director of the Moselle Department Division : Mme Catherine DEBS
- Deputy Director : Mme Marie-Pierre GRANDIDIER
- Head of Educational Services : Mr Pascal FRANÇOIS