On a secular morality…

The Minister of National Education has recently created a specific commission whose task is to reflect on the teaching of secular morality throughout the whole education system.
In these difficult times of economic crisis, in the light of which it is a commonplace to talk about the unravelling of society, it is not in vain that our leaders regularly consider on what premises the concept of living together should be founded. This is a notion which expresses a positive vision of society, of which values such as the respect of differences, solidarity and responsibility should be the intangible cement, indifferent to the passage of time.
What reasonable citizen could contest that eminent principle ?
Without getting caught up in any of the giddying historical backwaters where these systems have from time to time broken down, we must ask : what does it mean to have a secular morality in contemporary society ?
Perhaps it is a set of universal values placed apart from any question of obedience where day-to-day practice is to deny any single dogma as the unequivocal explanation of the ways of the world ?
If this is the case, let’s not abandon this noble mission to the sole care of teaching institutions ; even if their undertaking of it is worthwhile. Let us ensure that each one of us is a vigilant trustee and guardian of these values.
Society will be the better off for it.
Democracy too...