A hot summer

As you will see, this title isn’t an allusion to the very mild summer weather we’ve experienced this year, but to the noxious climate which is dangerously taking root in our society.

Whether this is with reference to the views of a certain politician on the topic of Roma people, or the broad movement of support on Facebook for the jeweller of Nice, the state of health of our society is drawn into question. The observation is real, implacable in its rigidity : social and economic downgrading touches more and more people. People in a state of insecurity abound, and it’s hardly as though the small amount of economic growth perceptible on the horizon is going to fundamentally change the given order which traps them permanently in the infernal spiral of rejection by the elite.
A growing number of our citizens feel abandoned by the general public. Our pact of social cohesion is in danger, and if nothing is done the compost of simplistic ideas will only grow in the future.
We know what the result of this became in the course of history. Given the magnitude of the task, there is great urgency. Associations like ours swarm with ideas and initiatives : by their very nature they are look-out posts of social cohesion and mustn’t be penned in merely by the managerial logic of an unfavourable financial context. They are the living example of democracy — a splendid bridge between citizens and their government.
It’s important to listen to them so that they may contribute to the renewal of a republican pact. Without this there’s every reason to think that the social disintegration we are witnessing will be amplified.
We wouldn’t be able to accept that.
The President
Francis BOUTEN