September 2014
September is here...

There is a particular sentiment this year, as we go back to work and back to school, that mistrust and defiance are growing with regard to our political establishment. The national news and the opinion polls appear to back this up. So is democracy under threat ?
It is without doubt an expression of the decline of representative democracy. But our democracy should not crumble under this rejection, and thereby legitimize the caricatures which some take pleasure in perpetuating.
The overwhelming fact remains that too many of our citizens are desperate for a better future, but their horizon is too crowded with concern about how to get through to the end of the month, or find a job that allows them to live with dignity.
So how can we be surprised ?
But our country has so many assets to its name, not least its young people.
So it’s all the more essential that we offer them paths to success !
The doom and gloom in the media’s reporting of the state of our nation is enough to cause resignation. Unless people take the time to look at the myriad citizen initiatives which are inventing and re-imagining ways for people to participate in public life, where profit is not the overriding goal. The economy of solidarity is a startling example !
Associations have a major role to play to prevent the country from throwing itself into initiatives which have no future. History has given us many examples of dead ends to avoid. Moissons Nouvelles has always encouraged creativity, fought inequality, and worked for solidarity and a more ethical society.
And today’s context of mistrust and defiance is another reason to take yet more action and mobilize even further.
The President
Francis Bouten