September 2015
Company life... and directors.

There are companies and players who help them thrive as in life in general. They are born and they prosper. Men and women pass through ... to make way for others. And so it is for the Moissons Nouvelles association, whose Managing Director, Gilles Bouffin, handed over the baton to Martine Renault on 1st September 2015 to go into active retirement.
We thank him for his commitment and the task he has undertaken throughout all these years. The Moissons Nouvelles association has indisputably undergone a successful transformation in recent years in order to enter fully and determinedly into the radical reform of the social services scene. Today, its inventiveness, the skills of its professionals and the asserted willingness of its directors make Moissons Nouvelles a significant socially beneficial resource working for the common good.
Of course, there will still be a number of pitfalls along the way as part and parcel of daily life for the skilled professionals working here. We have no doubt about that ! However, there is one thing of which I am certain and that is the ability of everyone, men and women alike, to join forces relentlessly to affirm and further the purpose of our business, namely to fight for a society where peaceful coexistence cannot just be regarded as wishful thinking.
We welcome Martine Renault as leader on this exciting project !
The President
Francis BOUTEN