toulon / varois housing collective

With the VHC, Moissons Nouvelles has been working towards social integration through housing for more than 18 years. Each year, it helps around 420 households in precarious situations, to access or hold on to their housing. 16 salaried staff are employed to this end.

The goal : to make the right to housing a reality for everyone.

The project : to support households in precarious situations to go from « having a roof over their heads » to « having the right roof over their heads and feeling good »
Its actions aim to :
• Develop the types of housing available, and thus respond to the national mandate created with the Besson Law : « A roof for everyone »
• But also to provide more emotional support to people, by working on the close link between identity and housing, and in this way to help them to settle and feel secure in their home for the long term.
To fulfil its mission, the Moissons Nouvelles VHC has put into place social and practical actions, which complement each other :
Social actions :
• Social support associated with housing, in the context of the Fonds Solidarité Logement
• Sub-tenancy with transferable lease
• Running a living space in the Centre Ancien de Toulon in collaboration with the Seyne sur mer Communauté Emmaüs
• Continuous DALO assistance (housing rights assistance), in collaboration with the Fondation Abbé Pierre
• A family leisure project : « time together »
• A living space improvement workshop
• A collective service for sustainable housing
Practical actions :
• Worksites for restoring your own housing
• Worksites improving housing for elderly people
• Controlling energy usage – fighting against energy inequality
Dilapidated housing, a precarious social situation, poor health, conflictual family relationships or unemployment, can all be factors in social exclusion. But are they causes or consequences ? Finding a response to these situations through a combination of social and practical support, is the mission that the Varois Moissons Nouvelles Housing Collective is trying to fulfil today.
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- Division Director : Rémi BILLAULT
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- Director : Florence ROUSSEAU
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