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"OPAL" family housing was created in March 2008. It is an original and experimental centre, for families with children under 6 or families where the mother is pregnant. They may be having difficulties with housing, and difficulties as parents.

Each family situation is studied by child social workers, however, the children themselves are not the subjects of the placement. Families are accommodated in supported housing, and are then re-housed through sub-tenancy with transferable lease, or direct access. There are 20 places in total : 11 places in supported housing, and 9 placed in independent housing. The supported housing is in three different places : there are 5 in Toulon, 2 in Brignoles, 4 in Draguignan, each with different numbers of rooms. The timescale of the supported housing is from 6 months to 2 years approximately.

The mission of OPAL is about protecting children and preventing maltreatment. We support parents based on the idea that working on the couple’s relationship and on their parenting skills helps to limit or prevent potential dangers to the child.
The housing enables living together and founding family life. Having a place to call « home » is the base on which family life can exist (again), through sharing, communication, mutual reconciliation, and the security brought by the recognition of their status as a whole family.
The direction of our work tends towards (re)construction and (re)balancing, enabling the family to become independent from us as soon as possible, to create their own support network and provide their children with a fulfilling family life which encourages their mental and emotional development. The OPAL team relies on the skills of the parents. It is always careful to reassure them in their role and reinforce their abilities. The families are accommodated in order to be supported in building and carrying out a life plan, and to gain independence. To achieve this, a comprehensive and individualised plan of support is offered to each family.
There are many types of support available, for the couple, for the couple as parents, in education, housing, professional integration, or budgeting. Families are also encouraged to use the public resources available on each site.
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