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The Moissons Nouvelles EQUINOX Accommodation and Personalised Support Centre at Var, offers diverse and alternative responses in terms of support and housing, for young people aged 14-21 years, who are experiencing social or family problems.


The mission is to accommodate, protect and support adolescents and young adults, so they can progressively develop their independence through successive training and socio-professional integration.
Various types of stay are possible :
In the "Vie Là"
• Residency for a small group of 6 young girls
• Day-care for 2 young girls
In the Local Education Service
• Accommodation for 10 independent young people :
• At the Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs in 4 rooms,
• In 6 type 2 apartments
In this context, we offer alternative and diversified responses in terms of support : drop-in days, consecutive days, accommodation of small groups, accommodation for independent young people.
Our support is complemented by :
• Regular involvement of the planning centre
• Visits three times per week from representatives from schools
• Close collaboration with the CEOA de Chalucet (psychiatric department)
In addition, an educational project goes on based around creativity and a variety of « artistic » endeavours, involving music and music therapy. We also make the most of the skills and abilities of the educational team, to propose a range of activities and workshops. Regular psychological supervision is carried out, in the form of individual interviews. The centre works in collaboration with various associations and divisions within the department, particularly with the ADSEAV Investigation and Mediation service.
Parents of the young people can participate in monthly discussion groups, run by the centre’s psychologist.
This approach aims to restore and repair self esteem and self image.
71, impasse Docteur Blanchard
83100 Toulon
Tel : 04 94 01 05 06
Fax : 04 94 66 28 11
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- Division Director : Monsieur Rémi BILLAULT
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- Head of Department : Madame Laurence ORDINER
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