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The Treillières Therapeutic Institute for Education and Pedagogy, situated at 4 rue des Coteaux 44119 TREILLIERES, welcomes boarding and day school, 210 days a year, a mixed audience of teenagers, aged 14 to 20 years, with behavioral disorders and/or personality, the expression of seriously disrupting access to learning and socialization.

The centre accommodates children with behavioural and / or personality disorders, without associated learning difficulties.

It is authorized under the XXIV annexes, and equipped to receive those on welfare. A private school with a simple contract is part of the centre.
The centre’s objective is to give meaning to actions, by above all creating a secure emotional environment, to encourage the child to experience new situations and build new relationships. The child’s surroundings are structured and self contained enough to enable him or her to overcome feelings of low self-esteem, and rediscover a sense of identity and self worth.
Regardless of the type of stay (residential, semi-residential, or ICSES), the mission of the centre is to put into place adapted personal responses to each child’s issues, within a defined framework, whilst integrating the notion of care.
The accommodation, support and care processes are undertaken with a shared, multidisciplinary approach.
Commitment to working with each child requires genuine consent from the parents, to carry out the centres propositions. The family is closely involved in the development of a plan of support for their child.
1. Residency
Residences are organised into 5 groups of 8 young people, which accommodate children from Monday to Friday.
The proposal of educational, pedagogical and therapeutic residency may be necessary for children or adolescents, in order to give them some distance from the family environment.
The frequency of residency and the way it is organised, depends on each individual. It is negotiated and decided on by the young person, their family, and the centre.
2. Day-care
Alongside schooling in small groups within the centre, the young people can also benefit from educational workshops (mosaic making, art classes, singing, circus workshops, woodwork, cookery, gardening, learning how to get around on your own), in the context of their personal plan. A wide range of therapeutic workshops is also available for the children (psychodrama, storytelling, puppetry, relaxation). A collaboration between teachers and youth workers has been created to augment the complementary nature of the educational and developmental functions.
The ICSES actions take place in all the normal areas of a child’s life : at the family home, at school, in other public places they go to, but also in the centre’s facilities.
What ICSES does is based on the direction of each young person’s individual plans. It takes into account their difficulties, and works with them, with their parents, and in close collaboration with school, college, other organisations, employers and other professional from the medical social sector.
The three centres in the West will soon be grouped together under one authority for the area.
Rue des Coteaux - Gesvres
44119 Treillières
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- Director of Facilities for the Loire-Atlantique department : Guy HEBEL